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Joining Leadership and Strategy to achieve tangible results.

We Make Compliance Work.

Joining leadership and strategy to achieve tangible results.

We partner with you to think through strategy, providing pragmatic advisory solutions rooted in real-world experience. Our team of experts and industry veterans understands what matters to our clients getting advice and deliverables that will actually be utilized and create significant value. We've lived it and we've done it, and we're here to support you.

What We Do

Our Unique Approach

Dovetail Consulting Group combines relevant industry experience with consulting discipline and structure. We bring experts to engagements and accept only work to which we can give our full attention. This focused approach enables us to design and implement the right-sized solution for each client's needs.

Areas of Expertise

Services provided to compliance and risk departments in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries include:

  • Long-term functional strategy and vision
  • Annual strategic and operational planning
  • Orgainzation Culture and Change Management
  • Interim staffing and management solutions
  • Board of Director expert services and Board of Director training
  • CIA readiness assessment and remediation
  • Custom program builds for emerging companies
  • Enterprise risk assessments and management solutions
  • Programmatic gap assessment
  • Policy, procedure, and process development
  • Monitoring and auditing strategy, planning, and design
  • Compliance analytics and system optimization
  • Investigation process development
  • Merger and acquisition support: target review, transaction support, and integration assistance
  • Patient Support Program Compliance Services
  • Fair-market value methodology
  • Corrective Action Plan implementation

Why We Do This

After spending many years in legal and compliance roles , we understand the challenges that companies face in balancing the imperatives of business and compliance. Having worked with a wide range of consultants, we also know that most have not personally managed these challenges, implemented solutions and systems, adapted in real-time to changing business needs, or built programs from the inside. Our experience allows us to offer thoughtful consulting advice and a range of solutions, including policy writing, data, analytics, strategic planning, gap assessments, and CIA readiness. We believe that the work we do is important and necessary, and that we do it better than anyone else.

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Compliance Program Strategy, Design, and Development

Dovetail consultants have extensive experience working with life sciences companies, in all stages of maturity, to assess, design, and implement ethics and compliance programs and their respective components. Having built these programs ourselves in-house, we understand the importance and nuances of dialogue with key stakeholders and of building internal support for programmatic changes.

For companies in the earlier stages of commercial readiness or compliance maturity, we work with executives and managers to create and implement solutions that are the right size and take a balanced approach to meet their business needs. We help companies think through:

  • The organizational design of the compliance function
  • Strategic plan development for board, budget, and annual workplan discussions
  • The elements of an effective program, assessing risks and gaps
  • Globalization strategies, including expansion into new markets and scaling existing structures and roles

CIA, Consent Decree, Work Plan, and DPA Assistance

Dovetail experts have assessed, negotiated, and implemented enforcement mechanisms. We understand that satisfying the demands of a government investigation can distract and exhaust the resources of lean compliance departments. We offer support for pre-CIA readiness assessment, work plan and Risk Assessment Management Plan (RAMP) development, vendor evaluation, and remediation efforts compliant with the requirements of the government. Additionally, Dovetail has government IRO and board-expert experience. We help our clients communicate effectively both with directors and with the government to ensure that the company's needs are understood by all involved parties.

Patient Support Program Compliance Services

Dovetail develops proactive compliance frameworks to drive successful PSPs while mitigating risk. Our compliance professionals will advise you on how to execute your charitable giving – an area of focused enforcement scrutiny – and on how employees can interact with local patient association chapters and patient organizations.  

Whether PSPs are conducted in-house, through hub services, by specialty pharmacies, or by other vendors, Dovetail will help ensure that your PSP’s compliance is successful by helping you design a proactive, right-sized compliance framework.  We work with your compliance professionals to ensure they understand the risk areas, and that you have in place effective and efficient controls – such as risk assessments, monitoring techniques, or policies.

In its work with you, Dovetail will not only focus on external patient and stakeholder touchpoints, but also on how internal personnel cooperate and interact with one other.  We can advise on how to execute your charitable giving – an area of focused enforcement scrutiny – and how employees may interact with local patient association chapters and patient organizations.

Ethics and Compliance Culture Change Services

When ethical decision-making is supported, employees see the compliance function as essential to meeting the organization’s goals. At Dovetail, we believe in managing organizational culture to improve performance and reduce risk.  However, a culture of ethics and compliance cannot be imposed, and culture won’t change overnight. Dovetail starts with an assessment of organizational dynamics. We measure the existing corporate culture to understand which recommendations will make for meaningful transformations. Dovetail then recommends behavior-based compliance initiatives to help grow and maintain a positive ethical culture with solutions grounded in people-centered change management principles.

Policy and Process Development

With thoughtful governance and control documents in place upstream, companies can mitigate risk and limit the need for distracting downstream investigations and enforcement. Dovetail has deep content and operational expertise that enables us to write, review, and periodically update policy and procedure documents that help our clients comply intelligently with applicable rules and regulations. We also help think through policy library and learning management solutions to ensure that your program is on the leading edge of a constantly evolving industry.


Our /Team

bringing excellence to the table

Dovetail Consulting Group combines relevant industry experience with consulting discipline and structure. We bring our experts to engagements and will only accept work to which we can dedicate our full attention. Our focused approach enables us to design and implement the right-sized solution for each client's needs.

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our /promise

We state it. We stand by it.

Our promise is to do the work better, more efficiently, and with more knowledge of both business and compliance needs. Our value to your company is built on this fact—with us, what you see is what you get. Your team will work with our top talent, who bring years of industry experience. You need a seasoned professional with the know-how to understand the big picture and provide the broad advisory consulting that is critical to your organization.

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