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Your Compliance Resolutions

Jan 01 2019 | posted by Jeff Rosenbaum and Tara McCarthy | categories:

It’s January 2019, and you’ve made plans to go to the gym before work every day. Or maybe you’ve committed to cutting out processed sugar or to eating breakfast every day. Perhaps you’ve resolved to read the news more or maybe to read the news less. But have you made your Compliance resolutions? The experts at Dovetail are here to help.

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Dovetail is excited to announce its newest member

Jan 08 2018 | posted by Jeff Rosenbaum and Tara McCarthy | categories: Team & Staffing

Dovetail Consulting Group LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Eric Baim, a compliance industry veteran, as Managing Director. 

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Stressing the Importance of Policies & Procedures

Earlier this year the Justice Department published its latest guidance yet about corporate compliance programs: a document titled “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs,” that listed more than 100 questions the department might ask if it is investigating misconduct at your company. The guidance is specific, detailed, and comprehensive. The questions are written from the perspective of a prosecutor asking about a compliance program after a failure; but from them compliance officers can also reverse-engineer how a strong program should operate before a failure. The single longest section of the guidance dwells on policies and procedures. Those

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